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2019 Workshop presentations (in-group activities)

Project team members' research interests include

  • Hye-Kyung Lee: The Seasonal Migrant Worker Program in South Korea

  • Dong-Hoon Seol: Formation of Public Opinion on Asylum Seekers in Korea 2018

  • Kyungja Jung: Escape from ‘Hell Joseon’ or Pursuit of Cosmopolitan Aspiration: An Overview of Temporary Migration from South Korea to Australia






  • Timothy Lim“It’s Not Just Talk”: Ideas, Discourse, and the Prospects for Transformational Change in a Homogenous Nation-State

  • Jaeeun Kim: Redemption: Asylum-Seeking on Religious Grounds in the Era of Involuntary Immobility

  • Nora Kim: Mapping Refugee Legal Landscape in South Korea, 1990–2020: International Law, Domestic Law, and Local Actors in Making “Refugees”

  • Erin Chung: Regulating Membership and Movement at the Meso-Level: Citizen-Making and the Household Registration System in East Asia

  • Seungsook Moon: Globalization & Local Agency in the Deployment of the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) System in South Korea

  • Gil-Soo Han: The 2016/2017 candle lights revolution in South Korea: A morphogenetic perspective of grassroots nationalism